Dr. Monahan in Fiji
November 1, 2016
The Hearing Center goes to Fiji

Dr. Monahan went on an audiology mission trip to Fiji where she tested hearing and fit hearing aids.

October 18, 2016
Hard of hearing? It's not your ears, it's your brain

The reason you may have to say something twice when talking to older family members at Thanksgiving dinner may not be because of their hearing. Researchers have determined that something is going on

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September 7, 2016
Driving or talking? The brain concentrates on one thing at a time

When we are busy with something that requires the use of sight, the brain reduces hearing to make it easy for us, concludes a new study. The results give researchers a deeper understanding of what happens in the brain when we concentrate on something.

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Rate of hearing loss increases after age 90
September 19, 2016
Rate of hearing loss increases significantly after age 90

A new study examined if the rate of age-related hearing loss is constant in the older old (80 years and older). Scientists concluded that hearing loss rapidly accelerates over the age of 90. Furthermore, authors suggest that hearing aids are underused in this population.

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Hearing test may detect autism risk
July 25, 2016
Hearing test may identify autism risk.

Researchers have identified an inner ear deficiency in children with autism that may impact their ability to recognize speech. The findings could ultimately be used as a way to identify children at risk for the disorder at an early age, say the investigators.

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Prevalence, severity of tinnitus in the US
July 21, 2016
Prevalence, severity of tinnitus in the US.

Approximately one in 10 adults in the US have tinnitus, and durations of occupational and leisure time noise exposures are correlated with rates of tinnitus and are likely targetable risk factors, according to a study.

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auditory cortex
July 17, 2016
The architecture of audition: Study shows auditory cortex of hearing, deaf people are nearly identical.

The neural architecture in the auditory cortex -- the part of the brain that processes sound -- of profoundly deaf and hearing people is virtually identical, a new study has found. The study raises a host of new questions about the role of experience in processing sensory information.

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Teeenages become prematurely hearing impaired
July 13, 2016
Today's teenagers could become prematurely hearing-impaired, study warns.

EAccording a recent study, teenagers are increasingly experiencing tinnitus, often a symptom of hearing loss, as a result of using ear buds to listen to music for long periods every day, as well as frequenting very noisy places like nightclubs, discos and rock concerts.

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Ability to process speech declines with age
October 4, 2016
Ability to process speech declines with age.

Researchers have found clues to the causes of age-related hearing loss. The ability to track and understand speech in both quiet and noisy environments deteriorates due in part to speech processing declines in both the midbrain and cortex in older adults.

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